Admiral Trademarks provides a broad range of services in Australia and all over the world. Our employees and associates have expertise in different areas of technology, practicing exclusively in the fields of Patents, Registered Designs, Copyright and Trademarks. We understand patents and trademarks and how valuable they are, because protecting your intellectual property is critical. With professionals of great experienced, proven results and exceptional procedures, we maximize our client's reliability on us in securing their intellectual property. We make sure that we decrease your marketing risks.

Trademarks Services

  • advice on choosing a trademark (brand etc.) and registration requirements.
  • trade mark applications services  
  • organizing and formulating actions for trade mark removal and cancellations
  • trademark opposition and disputes
  • trade mark searching and watching services.

Patents Services

  • commercialization of national patents and international patents
  • licensing of patents and assignment of patents
  • patent searching
  • renewals for patents
  • overseas patents commercialization

Registered Designs

  • commercialization of registered design in Australia and overseas
  • infringement advice
  • design searches


  • copyright ownership and infringement advice
  • enforcement of copyright
  • company and business names registrations
  • registration of copyrights in USA and overseas